Open the Gate starts, first concert At the Watergate week a fact

Sneek, 8 May


On Monday 7 May, the first official notes of the At the Watergate week were played in the Noorderkerk in Sneek. Youth orchestra On the Move, part of the Stedelijk Muziekkorps Sneek, and ConneXion from Germany had the honor to kick off. They gave a concert in the evening for a packed room. The Dutch-German performance is part of Open the Gate, the three-day pre-festival of At the Watergate.


"We are going to be released," said festival director Lieuwe Toren in his opening speech at 7:30 pm, prior to the performance. "After years of preparation, these will be the first sounds of the At the Watergate week." Toren is director-director of Cultuur Kwartier Sneek , that the festival At the Watergate (or the thirteenth edition of the European Youth Music Festival) managed to get to the Waterpoortstad.

On the Move, under the direction of Tseard Verbeek, took care of the first part of the concert. Perfectly suited to a spectacle such as At the Watergate, apocalyptic sounds from Star Wars sounded, including the bombastic opening tune of the film series. The talented group of young musicians had brought a varied repertoire to the Noorderkerk. For example, works from Disney films, Harry Potter and classical pieces such as 'Morgenstimmung' by Edvard Grieg passed by.

ConneXion took over after half an hour. On Monday, the Germans were one of the first foreign musicians to be welcomed by the organization of At the Watergate. The more than thirty young people opened their performance with a number of pieces of their own, some specially composed for At the Watergate. In the work of ConneXion, several difficult subjects are not avoided, such as the refugee problem in Europe. Connecting people and building bridges is a recurring theme at ConneXion, which is led by Ivo Weijmans. Various well-known songs also passed, including 'Feeling Good' by Michael Bublé and 'Paradise' by Coldplay.

As a cherry on the cake, On the Move and ConneXion played two songs together. After 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran the official festivaltune of At the Watergate was performed. Both orchestras had rehearsed the songs on Monday.


Open the Gate
Open the Gate continues on Tuesday. From 4:30 pm concerts will take place at Arts Center Atrium, Poppodium Bolwerk, the library and in the Noorderkerkzaal. There are performances by Funky Stuff, Half Past Six, Floating Monday, Marching Trough Corpses, Rubiks Spheres, Sikkepit, Jammer, Skarne Peoples, the Big Band of Backnanger Jugendmusikschule (Germany), Bigband Cue, Ex VAT, Moustapha & Friends, Trumpet Guild , Saxophone Quartet De SúdWester, Young Jazz Boys, Piano Battle Trio Forte, Tremble, So Be It and Fanfare Orchestra De Harmonie. The Accordion Orchestra Sneek performs with a pop-up choir composed by Atrium singing teachers Peter Wagenaar, Dennis Dronkers and Jannie Brandsma.


Blue Planet is also being performed, with harpists from the Northern Netherlands making a musical journey through the universe. CATs, Bats & Boomstick is a special collaboration between cello teacher Derk Stegeman and Bieke Huls, teacher of visual arts. Children's drawings are shown in combination with music from a young strings group. The day ends at Poppodium Bolwerk with a jam session with the youth band from Backnang and talented musicians from the band Soundboxx from Sneek.


Also on Wednesday, May 9, there are performances from 4.30 pm. Then Mixed Feelings, The Changes, MyMen, Janitor, the Bokito Brass Band and Atrium Sax are on the program. A large group of clarinet players from the north of the Netherlands and Germany is rehearsing the entire Wednesday in the art center for a concert in the hall of the library in Sneek (starting at 4.30 pm). The mega-ensemble performs under the name Klarinet XXL and is an initiative of Atrium teacher Luc Feikens.


In Arts Center Atrium there is a performance of Dancing Pianos. More than thirty piano students from Yvonne Boekema play the piece 'De Estafette' in duos on four pianos. Dance students from Niels van der Wal perform, while drum students from Richard Veltman indicate the measure.


The Sneker Kamer Orkest conducted by Derk Stegeman closes Open the Gate Wednesday at 19.45.