Open the Gate festival is hosting Súdwest-Fryslân for At the Watergate


Sneek, 26 April 2018


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A large number of music groups from the municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân will perform at Open the Gate in Sneek, the pre-festival of At the Watergate, on Monday 7, Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 May. At Kunstencentrum Atrium, Poppodium Bolwerk, the Noorderkerkzaal and the library there are totally forty concerts of bands, orchestras, choirs and other groups. Various special combinations are hereby formed. There are also workshops during the festival. Open the Gate is an initiative of Cultuur Kwartier Sneek. The production is in the hands of Atrium teacher Kees Romers.

The majority of the performances on the prelude of At the Watergate are provided by teachers, students and students of Arts Center Atrium. On Monday evening On the Move, the youth orchestra of the Stedelijk Muziekkorps Sneek, led by Tseard Verbeek, and the 35-strong formation Connexxion from Nordhorn in Germany open the festival in the Noorderkerkzaal at 7:30 pm. It is the only performance that day. On Tuesday and Wednesday the festival starts at 16.30. The last performances start on Tuesday at 21.00. On Wednesday, the Sneker Kamer Orkest will be closing Open the Gate from 19.45 onwards, led by Derk Stegeman.

On Tuesday, a multitude of bands from Arts Center Atrium will perform at Poppodium Bolwerk, such as Funky Stuff, Half Past Six, Floating Monday, Marching Trough Corpses and Rubiks Spheres. Sikkepit, Jammer, Skarne Peoples and the Big Band of the Backnanger Jugendmusikschule (Germany) are also on the Bolwerk stage, while Bigacom Cue, EX BTW, Moustapha & Friends and Trumpet Guild are part of the library. where harpists from the north of the Netherlands will make a musical journey through the universe.


The arts center will receive ao Saxophone Quartet Sud-Wester, Young Jazz Boys, Piano Battle Trio Forte, Tremble and So Be It. CATs, Bats & Boomstick, to be seen in the Theaterstudio of Arts Center Atrium, is a special collaboration between cello teacher Derk Stegeman and Bieke Huls, teacher of visual arts. Children's drawings are shown in combination with music from a young strings group.


In the Noorderkerkzaal Fanfare Orchestra De Harmonie performs with Andries Kramer as conductor. This is followed by a performance by the Accordion Orchestra Sneek, under the direction of Reinou van der Veen, with a pop-up choir composed by Atrium singing teachers Peter Wagenaar, Dennis Dronkers and Jannie Brandsma. The day ends at Poppodium Bolwerk with a jam session with the youth band from Backnang and talented musicians from the band Soundboxx from Sneek.


On Wednesday, Janitor, MyMen, The Changes and Mixed Feelings will perform at Poppodium Bolwerk. The pop-up choir will give a pre-appearance for a second time during the festival. In Arts Center Atrium there is a performance of Dancing Pianos. More than thirty piano students from Yvonne Boekema play the piece 'De Estafette' in duos on four pianos. Dance students from Niels van der Wal perform, while drum students from Richard Veltman indicate the measure. Dancing Pianos can be admired twice. Furthermore, there are performances by Atrium Sax and a group of flute players in the arts center.

A large group of clarinet players from the north of the Netherlands and Germany is rehearsing the entire Wednesday in the art center for a concert in the lobby of the library in Sneek (starting at 4.30 pm). The mega-ensemble performs under the name Klarinet XXL and is an initiative of Atrium teacher Luc Feikens. Prior to this, there is a swinging performance by the Bokito Brass Band in the library.

The young Frisian violinist Douwe Nauta will play on Wednesday with 110 young strings at 17:00 in an even secret location. This flashmob is part of the warm-up sessions in the run-up to the opening concert of At the Watergate.


Over five hundred German young musicians who participate in At the Watergate come to Sneek a few days earlier, especially for Open the Gate. They follow a workshop program on Tuesday and Wednesday with morning and afternoon sessions, where mixed groups are formed. There are workshops percussion, singing, brass instruments, wood instruments and samples & beats making. The workshops are given by teachers from Arts Center Atrium and musicians from Broken Brass Ensemble - including Nick Feenstra, Reinaldo Gaia and Pieterklaas de Groot - musician / improviser Elsa van der Linden, oboist / sound artist Agnes Smid and 'Mr. Produce' Jan Petersen.


Under the guidance of Atrium flute teacher Jeanette Valkema, German and Dutch flutists will rehearse and give presentations during Open the Gate.


Songs in Symphony
The Jugensinfonieorchester Lûchow-Dannenberg, with young talent from Sûdwest-Fryslân and up-and-coming singer-songwriters from the Northern Netherlands during At the Watergate, is an occasional orchestra. For the project Songs in Symphony they study on a Tuesday and Wednesday in a metropolis orchestra, a program with their own songs and well-known covers. The arrangements are made by young arrangers. The orchestra is led by arranger / conductor Reinout Douma. Songs in Symphony can be admired during At the Watergate on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 May.