First 3,000 musicians registered for At the Watergate


Since September 1, music schools from all over Europe could register orchestras for festival At the Watergate. Already over 3,000 participants, from more than 100 orchestras, have been listed in the first month!


Lieuwe Toren, festival director: "The European Music School Union (EMU) in Berlin "warned" us in advance for the enthusiasm from all over Europe to come to Súdwest-Fryslân. We have a capacity of 7.000 participants. I'm amazed about the fact that we’ve reached almost half of that in just a few weeks time!" The orchestras and groups come from all over Europe: from Estonia/Latvia to Spain and from Liechtenstein to Norway. Toren: "Good to have in mind: these are only the registrations from 15 out of the 26 countries that are members of EMU. The second registration round runs until 30 November. Only yesterday I spoke to my contact person in Germany: they will send a delegation of over 1,000 musicians!"


At the beginning of 2018, the organisation will compose a full and varied program, based on the complete set of participating groups and bands. It will lead to a program of about 1,000 appearances on 49 stages in Sneek and surrounding areas.