Community schools in Sneek will be turned into pop-up hostels for “At the Watergate“

Sneek, March 16, 2018



RSG Magister Alvinus, RSG Malta, CS Bogerman and De Diken will act as pop-up hostels during the week of “At the Watergate“. The community schools and the organization of the music festival signed an agreement at the Bogerman School in Sneek on Friday 16 March to this end. A total of 2,650 young Europeans will be housed in the schools so that they can take part in “At the Watergate“.


During “At the Watergate“, approximately 6,000 young musicians from 23 European countries will provide around 1,000 performances on dozens of stages, on or near the water, in Sneek and it’s surrounding cities such as IJlst, Bolsward, and Heeg.


During the festival week from Wednesday, May 9th to Friday, May 11th, 1,310 dormitories will be set up in CSD Bogerman and 750 in De Diken. 590 young people will be housed in the RSG locations Magister Alvinus and Malta. The schools will be emptied and then set up with bunk beds, lockers, extra emergency facilities and electrical outlets as well as extra toilets and showers.


During a three-hour inspection on Thursday, March 15th, the fire department, police, Veiligheidsregio Fryslân and the Municipality of Southwest-Friesland inspected the school locations for fire safety, first aid, contingency plans, hygiene, facilities and sanitary facilities. It is expected that the safety plans will be approved by the end of March and that the permit will be granted on time to begin the big transformation.


After the inspection on Friday, the transformation of the schools was officially confirmed by the signing of an agreement. Directors Jan Osinga (CSG Bogerman), Peter Zeldenrust (De Diken) and Sixtus Haverkamp (RSG) did this under the watchful eye of festival director Lieuwe Toren, artistic director Ben van der Knaap and Arran Bakker, logistics organizer of hospitality.


This transformation is an especially nerve-racking operation for these schools because exams start only days after the dormitories have been broken down and turned back into classrooms. "We do it with all our love, but it will be a stressful exercise", says Jan Osinga (csg Bogerman). "On Monday, May 14th at 8.10 am the regular classes begin anew and in the afternoon we start with the first exam. There will be no room for error”.


Festival director Toren: "We are very grateful to the schools for daring to stick their necks out. The accommodation of 6,000 young people in a medium-sized city such as Sneek is a logistical challenge. The idea behind “At the Watergate“ is to create a festival that is easily accessible to the community. And what is more central to the community than it’s schools? "


The organization of “At the Watergate“ has managed to bind Empatec as a partner for the metamorphosis. 240 Empatec employees will focus on the clearing of the classrooms and the setup of the hostels.