Participants: Welcome!

Or how we say it in Frisian: Wolkom!

We are looking forward to receiving you. Read all relevant information on this page.

Good to know!

Festival area
The stages, hostels and Food Plaza are located in the center of Sneek. Everything is within walking distance of each other.

The parking for buses and cars is located outside the center. There ​will be shuttle services from the parking to the festival area.​
​When staying in a hostel:: buses with participants receive personal assistance from the Sneek ring-road to their accommodation.
​When staying in a holiday home:: buses with participants get a separate Kiss & Ride place in Sneek.
Of course further details will follow.

In the course of April, the program book, including the map of the festival area​, will be distributed digitally.
The timetable​s​ for the opening and closing events will be communicated at a later time, but of course you take part in this.
The performances ​will take place on Thursday 10 May from 11 am to 10 pm and on Friday 11 May from 11 am to 7 pm.
The whole team of At the Watergate does its utmost to let all orchestras perform 3x 30 minutes. Exact times and locations for your orchestra will follow as soon as possible.

Coordination in the field of instruments (including the various large instruments) will be organized by the organization.
We assume that every orchestra will bring its own instruments and music standards. If instruments are too large to carry (eg drum kit, piano, double bass), the organization can arrange this. You must express this wish explicitly by e-mail.
In various places, storage locations for instruments are present.
The chosen accommodation is mentioned in​ the confirmation that we ​will sen​​d you separately in March,

In March you will receive an e-mail with full details of your registration. We ask you to check the details and confirm them to us.
After this you will receive the invoice by e-mail with the request to pay the full amount within 10 days.

Social Media
The closer we approach the festival, the more information will be made known through social media, so please pass this link on to all your individual members.
Become a member of our Facebook group so that we can keep in touch:

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