An experience congress about the power of music for the community  


During Music for the 'Mienskip' on Wednesday 9 May in Sneek, the perception of music for the community is central. The congress will kick off the 13th European Youth Music Festival (EYMF), the biennial event under the auspices of the European Music Union.



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Music for the ‘Mienskip’ – the power of music for the community

During the congress on Wednesday, May 9 in Sneek, the highlight will be experience of music for the community. The congress is the kick-off for the 13th European Youth Music Festival (EYMF), the two annually event under the auspices of the European Music Union.


Sneek has taken over the EYMF baton from the Spanish city San Sebastian, which hosted the festival in 2016. Lots of young people from more than 20 European countries will participate between the 9th till the 11th of May in the musical festival, which this time bears the appropriate name ‘At the Watergate’.


The expertise of (living lab) Music for the ‘Mienskip’ will introduce you to the meaning of music in the different stages of life. From that experience we come up with each other with a theoretical framework, summarized in a manifesto.


Sanne Scholten, director of the National Knowledge Center for Culture and Amateur Art, acts  as moderator during the congress. Evert Bisschop Boele, professor of cultural participation, collaborates with you on the theoretical model.


At the end a covenant will be signed on cooperation in the Dutch program ‘More Music in the Classroom’. During the congress there will be performances by the Interreg Ems Dollard concert orchestra, the school children of ‘More Music in the classroom’, young starting professional musicians who have become passionate about music and seniors who have developed a great hobby by making music.


afterwards there will be a buffet, after which we walk to the Waterpoort in Sneek for the spectacular opening of the festival ‘At the Watergate’. The official language will be English.


Date:           Wednesday 9 may, 15.00 – 18.00
Location:     Theater Sneek, Westersingel 29
Costs:          19,95 euro (including buffet)


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