The Middle-Earth orchestra

The Middle-Earth orchestra - Finland

The Middle Earth orchestra is a string orchestra that consist of 30 string players from two different music schools (Pakila and Central-Helsinki) located in Helsinki, Finland. The orchestra was founded especially for At the Watergate -festival in Sneek.


In Sneek the orchestra will be playing a program which combines something traditional and something experimental. There will be pieces in national romantic style (Brook Green Suite from Gustav Holst and Impromptu for Strings from Jean Sibelius). The other style could be seen as a kind of rhythm music that include improvisation. (Skylife by David Balakrishnan and Blue Sky Basin by Andy Reiner).


We are interested in music that is inspiring to study, play and perform. We want to challenge ourselves, look for new angles, new connections. We see music is a unifying force. Our aim is to bring together different players with different skills and experience, to create something that has personal meaning and value. We take music; melodies, harmony, and fourmost rhythm, to bring out inspiring moments to ourselves and to the audience. We hope it will be interesting, fresh and enjoyable; something more than any one of us could have done on their own.


It’s a journey, and we are just beginning!