The Dance Group - Musica y Danza bajo - Spain

The Dance Group - Musica y Danza bajo

The direction of teachers Maider Urrestarazu and Coral Lûpez-Castellanos make students from the 12 to 17 years, work both repertoire classical, neoclassical and workshops where the own students make and choreograph and dance pieces.

Since 1995 it has participated in the Sample of Schools of Basque Government, in performances organized by the Association of Dance Professionals Guip˙zcoa, from the finery Academics held annually; has performed at the Teatro Principal with Lienz Chang, first dancer of National Ballet of Cuba and ballet star of the Ballet de Marseille, as a guest dancer and the Young Ballet of Chamber of the Alicia Alonso Foundation. The pieces presented range from Don Quixote, Giselle, Esmeralda, Paquita, Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, The Corsario, La Bayadere and more. The dance group has made shows directed  to the children's audience: "El Mundo de la Danza", premiered in May 2000 and "Christmas Count", premiered in December 2001, with a total of 10 performances

who have been able to see about 1,200 children. Posed as pedagogical functions, they intend to approach and explain the dance from its origins, trying to promote from childhood the interest in dance and create future spectators.