MUZT Musical


MUZT is a four-year course in Sneek for young people aged 12 to 18. Every year the course puts together a musical that they perform in Theater Sneek in April.

MUZT will play a very important role at the At The Watergate festival. MUZT will participate in the opening of the festival and will end the festival with a bang! During the festival, some of MUZT’s students will be presenting and announcing the acts on stage.

You work on several things throughout your four years at MUZT. You’ll start off with learning how to present yourself in an ensemble role and throughout the years you’ll learn to carry a big and important role in the musical. In the weekly rehearsals, the students work on their singing, dancing and acting skills.MUZT is all about teaching the young people who follow their course what they can expect in musical theatre and what it is like to work in the arts.