DoReMi Banda

DoReMi Banda

DoReMi Banda is the band of the “Papa Giovanni XXII“ Middle School of San Prospero, Modena.

The band was born in October 2012, thanks to a project proposed and sustained by “Carlo e Guglielmo Andreoli“ Foundation of Mirandola. Today, the band is composed by 53 students, between the age of 12 and 15 and is directed by professor Claudio Bergamini.

The objective was to put into contact with music the student composing the fourth-year classes of the elementary school of San Prospero. The project was supposed to finish the fifth year of elementary school.

But, when starting Middle School, the students, the families, and the school decided to continue the musical experience: the music professor Claudio Bergamini became Director and brought the band to perform in many different concert of the Andreoli Music Foundation and of the school, city festivals, inaugurations, fairs, and in October 2016, at the Expo in Milan, as delegate of the Area Nord of Modena.

The band participated also in many different local festival in Spilamberto, in Cesenatico, in Busseto and at the Teatro “Pavarotti” in Modena- In July 2017, the band had an exchange in France in Balzac, during an exchange with the city of San Prospero.