COC String Orchestra

COC String Orchestra, Kokkola - Finland

The Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory String Orechestra comes from Central Ostrobothnia, a musically vivid region on the west coast of Finland. The conservatory is situated in Kokkola but the school operates in the whole region of Central Ostrobothnia.


Playing together is an essential part of the education in our conservatory. There are three different string orchestras, all of different levels. The COC String Ochestra consists of 28 students from 11 to 16 years of age. The composition of the orchestra varies yearly and this ensemble has been playing together since autumn 2017. The orchestra is conducted by violin pedagogue Anna Koivisto.

Our repertoire focuses on classical string music. As an additional twist, we will also play some Finnish folk music as well as some pieces from well known movie soundtracks. Performing in front of an audience is always the highlight of the season, which is why we organize a concert at the end of both autumn and spring season.

At the festival we will play parts of Handel’s Water Music, given that we are At the Watergate! Additionally, our repertoire features some French classics, well known melodies from Leroy Anderson and Henri Mancini, along with a mixture of folk music from our region of Central Ostrobothnia. In addition, to celebrate our 100 year old home country, we will play Jean Sibelius’ Andante Festivo and the Finlandia hymn.