The instrumental ensemble "BOUCHEA OREILLE 5" was formed at the Audentghem "Franz Constant" Communal Academy, in September 2015. The ensemble has about ten instrumentalists (flutes, violins, viola, cello, harp, accordion, guitars and piano) from 13 to 17 years old who acquire a classical musical training within the academy. The name of the group refers to the "Bouche à Oreille Workshops" initiated by Marc Maréchal at the Eghezée Academy and represents a specific approach to musical pedagogy. Push into the repertoire of traditional music, develop hearing - without partition - , practice music collectively, promote communication, build autonomy, enrich the creativity, increase memorization, encourage conviviality and exchanges...

Here are members we would like to introduce! Eloïse Grétry (harp), Despina Pantoulis (guitar), Charlotte Jadot (guitar), Antoinette Poswick (recorder), Nadine Hijazi (cello), Giulia Barbero (violin), Salomé Babiano (violin), Hind Bari (accordion), Mélusine Gheur (flute), Alexandra Pantoulis (flutetraversière), Altea Tixier (flute), Jeanne Froget (piano), Zoé Janssens (viola) and Eric Leleux (responsible)